Industry Overview: Security

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October 21, 2021

Industry Overview: Security

Organizations are actively improving customer engagement and optimizing business operations. New technologies to fulfill these demands have been introduced, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to SaaS solutions capable of managing the most complex networks of customers, partners and distributors. However, these technologies have also become targets for cybercrime.

Organizations must manage a complex digital world with super-connected data that have attracted sophisticated cyber criminals, eager to exploit vulnerabilities and commit identity theft and fraud. Security solutions based on traditional technologies quickly become overly complex, hard to scale, and increasingly inadequate to keep up with ever-evolving cybercrime tactics.

To remain protected, organizations must adopt new, modern security technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), for advanced cybercrime detection, vulnerability prevention, secure development, and identity and access management (IAM).

Katana Graph™ offers a future-proof graph intelligence platform that ensures your organization stays ahead of exploding demand for internal and external digital identity and cybersecurity.

The Katana Graph intelligence platform makes this possible by fusing graph technology with AI/ML for high-speed computing on huge graph databases. Organizations gain vital real-time insights essential for autonomously managing massive, rapidly accelerating IAM demands and combating cyber attacks, in ways traditional solutions cannot match.

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Leveraging the power of AI-powered graph technology, the Katana Graph intelligence platform will provide advanced identity and cybersecurity solutions to your organization, including:

  • Autonomous identity governance and role management
  • Continuous authentication and policy-based access management
  • Scalable identity of things (IDoT) and customer identity and access management (CIAM) implementation
  • AI-driven detection and protection against cybercrime activities, including detecting fraud, intrusions and malware attacks
  • Secure development and vulnerability management

The Katana Graph intelligence platform interoperates with its own graph database system, providing a single platform for:

Bullet: Graph QueriesGraph Queries (contextual search)
Bullet: Graph AnalyticsGraph Analytics (path finding, centrality and community detection)
Bullet: Graph MiningGraph Mining (pattern discovery)
Bullet: Graph AIGraph AI & Deep Machine Learning (deep learning and prediction)

at unrivaled speed, using massive graphs, scalable to multiple clusters in any cloud environment.

Katana Graph is ready to fulfill your most pressing real-time security demands, now as well as in the future, at unmatched scale and performance.