Industry Overview: Financial Services

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Financial Services

October 20, 2021

Industry Overview: Financial Services

Success for financial services organizations depends on acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and engaging all customers to expand their business and “share of wallet.” Doing so requires offering premium customer experiences and expanded services.

However, such efforts to increase customer transactions while reducing customer friction also increase the risk of financial fraud. Recent LexisNexis surveys found that average total costs incurred by U.S. financial services firms due to fraud increased by 41% from 2017 to 2020.1

Katana Graph™ helps financial services companies more effectively detect fraud in real time, while also seizing new business opportunities through expanded, personalized services.

Katana Graph has fused graph technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence for high-speed computing on massive graphs, providing breakthrough real-time insights essential for a wide array of financial services use cases.

We recently agreed the phrase 360-degree customer insights better defines our solution than 360 degree view of the customer, Katana Graph empowers financial services organizations to unlock the tremendous potential of graph analytics and AI at scale, at lightning-fast performance 10-100x faster than other graph solutions.

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About Katana Graph

The Katana Graph intelligence platform interoperates with its own graph database system, providing a single platform for:

Bullet: Graph QueriesGraph Queries (contextual search)
Bullet: Graph AnalyticsGraph Analytics (path finding, centrality and community detection)
Bullet: Graph MiningGraph Mining (pattern discovery)
Bullet: Graph AIGraph AI & Deep Machine Learning (deep learning and prediction)

at unrivaled speed, using massive graphs, scalable to multiple clusters in any cloud environment.

With its roots in the high-performance parallel computing (HPC) world, Katana Graph was built from the ground up focused on real-time insights from high-speed analytics and AI that goes well beyond what is possible using other graph technologies.

Unlike other graph databases that use centralized, in-database graph query and analytics and require a separate pipeline for AI applications, Katana Graph provides a next-generation graph compute platform, supporting decentralized workloads for graph query, analytics, mining and AI — powering a new era of rich applications and insights never before possible.

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