Katana Graph to Headline at Knowledge Graph Conference 2021

By: Katana Graph

April 29, 2021

Katana Graph to Headline at Knowledge Graph Conference 2021

Co-founder and CEO Keshav Pingali to Deliver Keynote Address on Graph Computing

AUSTIN, TX - Katana Graph, the high-performance scale-out graph processing, AI and analytics company, announced today that Keshav Pingali, CEO and cofounder, will be a keynote speaker next week at the Knowledge Graph Conference. Dr. Ying Ding, advisor, will also be presenting at the four-day virtual event, which takes place from May 3 to May 6.

The Katana Graph team will draw on their collective years of experience in both academia and business to help bridge the gap between research and industry, discussing how graph computing technologies can extract actionable insights from massive unstructured data sets at breakthrough levels of scale and performance.

“Organizations worldwide are sitting on a goldmine of large, unstructured datasets. Graph computing is becoming the standard solution to extract insights from these datasets and unlock their value,” said Keshav Pingali, CEO and cofounder of Katana Graph. “The Knowledge Graph Conference provides us with the opportunity to showcase Katana Graph’s innovations, and we look forward to engaging with industry leaders to demonstrate our technology and help companies benefit from it.” 

Presentation Details:

Presentation 1: High-Performance Knowledge Graph Computing on the Katana Graph Engine
Keynote Presenter: Keshav Pingali, CEO and cofounder
Highlights: Learn how companies use graph computing and machine learning to exploit enterprise data for transformational analytics
When: May 5, 8.30am CT/9.30am ET

Presentation 2: Katana Graph Solutions: Scalable Graph Search and Graph Mining
Presenter: Dr. Ying Ding, Advisor
Highlights: Learn how graph is being applied for enterprise applications in life sciences, financial services and other industries
When: May 5, 10.30am CT/11.30am ET

Katana Graph will be joining executives from organizations including Accenture, Amazon, AstraZeneca, Facebook, Google Research, Microsoft, Northeastern University, Verizon Media and many others as speakers at the event. For further information about The Knowledge Graph Conference, visit: https://www.knowledgegraph.tech

About Katana Graph
Katana Graph analyzes unstructured data and enables our partners to make better decisions by solving challenging big data problems through graph analytics and machine learning. Katana Graph combines cutting-edge algorithms, innovation in hardware acceleration, and emerging storage technologies to provide multiple orders of magnitude performance improvements to graph databases, graph analytics and graph mining workloads. Katana Graph’s elite team includes field leaders in graph algorithms, machine learning, graph neural net, programming languages, runtimes, virtualization and storage. To learn more about Katana Graph, visit www.katanagraph.com.

About Knowledge Graph Conference 2021
Founded in 2019 at Columbia University, The Knowledge Graph Conference is the premiere source of learning around knowledge graph technologies, which are rapidly becoming an essential tool to solve complex societal challenges in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, finance, security and many others.